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The Third Iteration of
UBCO's annual hackathon 
February 5-6, 2022 | Virtual 


Please note that projects DO NOT need to follow the theme in order to be a part of BC Hacks, it is optional. While there are prizes for these categories, you are free to make what you want! :)
Diversity in Tech 

CAD 200/member

Addressing the lack of representation of minorities in the industry and celebrating the diversity in tech. Does your project address this issue and come up with a way to bridge this gap? 


CAD 2000 for the team

e@UBCO Entrepreneurship Award
Encouraging entrepreneurship in tech. Can your idea be turned into a business? Does a team have what it takes to create the next tech giant?



Lead Organizer
Shreyasi Chauhan
Harman Sahota
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