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The Fourth Iteration of
UBCO's annual hackathon 
November 25-27, 2022
Hybird, In-Person Focus



  • What is BC Hacks?
    BC Hacks is a 48-hour hackathon hosted by the Executives of the Computer Science Course Union at UBCO. What does it include ? Great Question. Participants get to experience working as a team. Each team can include a maximum of 4 members. It goes beyond a coding experience as you get to participate in workshops, ice-breakers, and side-tournaments! This year the hackathon is focused in person at the UBCO Commons (with the opening ceremony starting from 7:00 pm on 25th November 2022).
  • What are hackathons?
    They are 24-48 hour coding competitions where students work in teams to make a project. You can contribute in various different ways: software developer, web developer, testing, graphic design, etc. It is also a wonderful opportunity to network with employers and other interesting people in the industry.
  • Why should I attend BC Hacks?
    You are welcome to join us if you want to: -make you resume stronger -learn a new tech -get better at a language -network with employers/judges to further chances of getting an internship -network with other students in the industry -have fun! Perks of attendance: - get to meet your team mates and other coders! - eligibility to win merchandise in activities! - pick up swag by MLH and the CSCU and take pictures at the photobooth! - free meals and popcorn!
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